No matter where you’re at in your journey towards implementing digital and AI-based technologies, we can easily step in and provide you with the support and resources required to transform your organization successfully. Through our comprehensive Intelligence Transformation services, we can partner with you in your transformation journey with flexible models of engagement and by building intelligence layer on top of your existing environment.

This holistic and integrated end-to-end solution allows for transforming the organization to a fully Human+Digital+AI collaborative high performing, intelligence driven, agile, and continuously innovating business leader in your sector.

We will take your organization from its current state to the futuristic AI-enabled state by implementing our HDA Intelligence™ framework that ensures successful transformation. The human, digital, and AI transformation is achieved through close partnerships and work processes within the defined time frame using the HDA Intelligence Framework.

Our comprehensive list of services include:

HDA Point Solution Projects

HDA Point Solution Projects

This service allows organizations to quickly rollout AI solutions that address specific use cases with an assured success rate. We will implement a continuous evaluation of point solutions ahead of time for early user acceptance testing, which will save valuable time, money, and resources.

Our point solutions deliver proof of value against an agreed objective to deliver a quantifiable ROI to our customers. We provide operational readiness training, performance monitoring, and AI enhancements of the deployed solution to ensure that it continues to deliver over time.

HDA System Integration Services

HDA System Integration Services

HDA System Integration services allow organizations to take advantage of multiple Digital and AI developments and combine these to solve specific AI-enabled business use cases. Through this service, you can identify the conditions under which AI systems can address business needs, as well as the limitations of current AI technologies.

We integrate multiple AI systems with state-of-the-art digital solutions to arrive at novel business processes that deliver increased accuracy and efficiency. We leverage solution combinations from our partners to provide you with reliable and managed HDA services.

Our deployed solution specifies the human and digital inputs needed to deliver the best value of an integrated AI solution. We provide performance measurement dashboards that simplify managing an integrated system that will quickly spot potential issues that require human input.

In addition, AI models cannot be left unattended as they could degrade over time and require continuous improvement based on the data received. We remove the complexity of continuously monitoring and improving the performance of AI Models or multiple AI system integrations to deliver a hassle-free AI integrated solution and transformation through our Managed Services.

HDA as a Service

HDA as a Service

For clients who have already embarked on their AI journey, we can scale your high-performing AI & Data Analytics teams with talented AI resources capable of turning ideas into solutions. Finding and training AI Engineers is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, even without considering the AI talent shortage. You need the flexibility to scale AI projects up or down according to priority and get the results you need more efficiently.

Our talent pool of AI experts consists of AI Ph.D.’s, AI Leads, and AI engineers. By utilizing some of the best minds in AI, who will work embedded as part of your team, you’ll gain the flexibility to build a competitive advantage with your AI initiatives without investing in a large team.

You can leverage this expertise in various ways:

  • to build the right data solutions
  • to validate your Machine Learning models
  • to augment your existing team with specific Data / AI expertise
  • to accelerate your AI initiatives

This expert AI team can be deployed in flexible models from onsite at your location, remote, or a combination of onsite and remote. All our AI experts will bring the capabilities of the HDA Intelligence™ framework to the project and ensure that you have success with your AI initiative.

HDA Talent Development

HDA Talent Development

Business leaders and senior executives seeking AI-based transformation need to have a clear understanding of what strategic value current AI technologies can offer, their cost, and the resources necessary for successful intelligence transformation.

Our talent development program lets executives go beyond the hype to honestly assess the potential and limitations of current AI technology. By providing clear insights into the human and digital elements needed within organizations, we’re able to prevent expensive or failed AI deployments.

Our capacity development program goes beyond conventional AI/ML training for engineers and considers HDA Intelligence™ integration within your organization. The in-depth training program that we offer includes:

  • AI for Business
  • HDA Intelligence™ - The Human & Machine collaboration in Digital World
  • Deploying Successful AI Solution for Strategic Value
  • Capacity Development for Successful HDA Intelligence™ Transformation

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If you’ve come this far, then you already know the value that integrated digital and AI technology can bring to your organization. By partnering with us, you’ll be given support from an entire team of innovative technologists who are eager to find the solutions that will bring you the most significant ROI. But in order to begin, we’ll need to get to know you, your organization, and the technology that you’ve utilized up to this point. Use the form below to request your HDA Diagnostic Assessment so that we can begin helping you move forward towards achieving your maximum growth potential.

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