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with HDA Intelligence™ Framework

Digital & AI is either disrupting your industry or will in the near future. With these disruptive technologies along with accelerated innovation, it is becoming more challenging to identify the relevant growth opportunities that will benefit your business.

Succeeding with AI has been a challenge, what with 90% of the companies failing to realize value with AI. Our focus is to maximize your success rate with AI in the shortest period of time that will propel your business forward.

Our unique framework will help identify how Humans, Software, and Machines can collaborate to achieve exponentially more than what each would have individually. The Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™ Framework is the new way to win with AI and succeed during this wave of disruptive innovation.

  • A Transformative Integrated Intelligence Framework without a siloed approach
  • A comprehensive yet modular framework that adapts to your technology readiness
  • A focus on the ‘big picture’ that delivers quick wins with strategic value
  • A flexible framework that is not hard-coded for any specific vertical or use case

Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™
Transformation Services

Comprehensive assessment & execution of AI solutions to Harness the power of
Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™ and augment your business

Point Solutions

Point Solution Projects

Quickly rollout AI solutions addressing specific use cases with an assured success rate

Point Solutions

System Integration Services

Integration of multiple processes, systems, implementation of best-of-breed solutions and AI models

Point Solutions

As a Service

Ongoing Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance of processes, systems, solutions and AI models

Point Solutions

Talent Development

Program that goes beyond the hype, to create the right awareness along with reskill and upskill to achieve the potential & benefits of AI for business growth

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HDA Intelligence™ in Action

When considering how to implement an artificial intelligence solution or an integrated intelligence service, focus on Actionable Intelligence through:


Not just
Machine Centric

Not just

Not just

  • Consider the Human intelligence required for the business use cases rather than simply rushing into deploying a machine and/or technology centric solution.
  • Consider the Digital intelligence required rather than focusing on digitizing some of the processes or steps.
  • Consider the Autonomous Intelligence required rather than turning to basic Automation.
  • Consider Actionable Intelligence required rather than just Insights.

What is Inside the HDA Intelligence™Framework?

This HDA Intelligence™ Framework was developed based on extensive research and inputs from both business and AI experts and defines two separate worlds:

The HDA Intelligence™ World: The core of the framework where integrated intelligence is executed to achieve the desired target outcome.

The Solution World: Integrates the achieved intelligent target outcome to the real world scenario of existing Digital environment along with monitoring and managing the ecosystem.

2 Worlds - 10 Steps – 111 Processes – 600 Control Points for Intelligence Transformation


Pre-Requisite & Assumptions

Required Solution is analyzed & defined, dissected into desired target outcomes and aligned to HDA Intelligence™ Practices.


Define HDA Intelligence Target

Each desired target outcome of solution is analyzed, defined and architected in detail by performing HDA Intelligence diagnosis.


Human Intelligence Integration

Mapping how Human would achieve the desired target outcome Intelligently.


Digital Intelligence Integration

Each human intelligence task is mapped through completely digital approach and modeled for digital intelligence execution.


Artificial Intelligence Integration

Each task of Digital Intelligence is mapped through the possibilities of integration of Artificial Intelligence with AI-based solutions.


HDA Intelligence Integrated Execution

Prioritize, Sequence and validate the HDA Intelligence™ executions in an integrated manner for desired target outcomes.


Defined HDA Intelligence Target Achieved

Individual Target HDA Intelligence™ execution outcome is stacked, sequenced and integrated with all the target outcomes of the solution


Required Solution Achieved

Integrated target outcomes are implemented into the solution world with integration to the live environment and put into production.


Post Solution Support

Achieved Solution is monitored for stability and any minor changes are adjusted.


Monitoring, Operation, and Maintenance (MOM)

The Solution is monitored and validated with target outcomes along with new trends ensuring smooth operations along with required maintenance.


If you’re ready to learn how our innovative and powerful framework can help you identify the best ways to implement a colloborative human, digital, and artificial intelligence strategy, then the first step is to request your Diagnostic Assessment that will help us understand your AI readiness level. This is a short one-day process that we can get started on right away once you reach out to us.

You can fill the online form to reach us with any questions you may have regarding the implementation of or benefits of utilizing our HDA Intelligence™ Framework. We’ll be more than happy to discuss our process in greater detail and give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your company.

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