You know that implementing Artificial Intelligence into your business operations is a smart move to make. With all the latest technological advancements, it seems like there are new developments every time you open up a browser. However, finding the ideal way to effectively and efficiently implement artificial intelligence into your business isn’t always a straightforward task.

Our innovative framework allows us to find areas within your company that would benefit most from this cooperative relationship between Humans, Digital, and Artificial Intelligence. Throughout our development efforts, we were able to streamline our process and create HDA111, our method of delivering a working AI solution in only 111 days with Strategic Proof of Value.

We’ve broken this down into three essential steps:


Your HDA Diagnostic Assessment

This one-day process will help determine your AI readiness level and give recommendations for moving forward.

HDA Dialog

This ten-day process is where we will discuss and prioritize the appropriate use cases for implementing an AI strategy into your operations to realize strategic value.

HDA Proof of Value

Within 100 days, you will have a fully functional, effective, and relevant AI solution that will propel your organization forward and provide you with increased growth potential.
HDA 111™
  • HDA

    1 Day

    Toolkit to assess your Human+Digital+Artificial Intelligence™ Maturity

  • HDA

    10 Days

    Engaged workshop to analyze the HDA Diagnostic Result to identify & prioritize the business growth opportunities to act upon

  • HDA
    Proof of Value

    100 Days

    Delivering HDA Intelligence™ Framework based AI solution realizing tangible business benefits

By taking this unique and practical approach, we’re able to help you avoid expensive execution risks that plague many wrongly conceptualized AI projects. With HDA111™, you get a scalable and fully customized scalable solution specifically designed to maximize your company’s growth potential, without time and money wasted on failed attempts.

Understand your HDA Intelligence™ Maturity

If you’re ready to get started by identifying and designing a colloborative human, digital, and artificial intelligence strategy, then we encourage you to request your Diagnostic Assessment. This short one-day process is our recommended starting point as it will help us understand your AI readiness level.

Using the form below, you can fill in some necessary information about your company and your current operations. Then we’ll schedule an introductory consultation with you, which is where we’ll gather all the information we need to perform your Diagnostic Assessment. It will only take a few minutes of your time but may mean the difference between surviving and thriving this year.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our company, process, or framework, you can reach us by using our online form. We’re always eager to hear from organizations that are looking to advance their operations through the means of digital and AI technology.

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